In Conversation: Frazier, Cobb, Hasan, and Moten

LaToya Ruby Frazier with Shea Cobb, Amber Hasan, and Fred Moten

From Flint, Michigan, artists, activists and founders of The Sister Tour, Amber Hasan and Shea Cobb use their personal lives and encounters with the water crisis to serve as a catalyst to help, serve and support teens and women to harness their creative strength in the midst of chaos from Flint, Michigan to Puerto Rico. Fred Moten is Professor in the Department of Performance Studies, Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Moten teaches courses and conducts research in black studies, performance studies, poetics and critical theory. He is author of many titles, most recently a three-volume collection of essays whose general title is consent not to be a single being (Duke University Press, 2017, 2018). They join LaToya Ruby Frazier in conversation.

Courtesy of: Gavin Brown’s enterprise