Musee Magazine Interviews LaToya Ruby Frazier for Women’s History Month

LaToya Ruby Frazier A Lived Experience

Describing a picture of yours from A Haunted Capital, you said that you watched The Cosby Show as a kid in order to escape the reality of your dismantled working-class family. When did you come to terms with the truth and what led you to embrace and document it?

“I was always aware of my plight and displacement. I am from an area known as “the bottom.” Braddock is on an incline, the further you are up the hill the higher your social and economic status. Through my Grandma Ruby’s discipline I learned that my only way up was through my education, academically and creatively. When I met my photography mentor Kathe Kowalski at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, she encouraged me and taught me the value in making work about Braddock, my grandmother, mother and myself. All of these things led to my embracement to produce the work.”

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LaToya Ruby Frazier Photo: Bret Hartman/TED

Portrait by Bret Hartman
Interview courtesy of Musee Magazine