Frazier at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise Harlem through February 25th, 2018

LaToya Ruby Frazier, Andrea Holding her daughter Nephratiti outside the Social Network Banquet Hall (2016 / 2017), all images via Gavin Brown’s

Art Observed
February 12, 2018
by O.C. Yerebakan

Frazier at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise Harlem
In her self-titled solo debut at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, artist LaToya Ruby Frazier illustrates an American landscape where dualities intertwine, marring the boundaries separating joy from despair or abundance from nothingness. Her depictions of secluded interiors, occupied by domestic clutters and family histories translate into stories of struggle, while barren deserts under the California sun encapsulate human ardor. Spanning her two decade photographic practice, Frazier’s three-floor presentation at the gallery’s spacious Harlem location introduces one series on each floor. Complimented by the accents of the building’s previous life as a brewery, the photographer’s black and white gelatin silver prints explore dichotomies of public and private, meditating on the role of the camera lens as a witness of our profound and collective moments, be those experienced firsthand or communally mediated.

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Courtesy of: Art Observed