Flint Lives Matter

Elle: New Photo Project by LaToya Ruby Frazier Reminds Americans that Flint Lives Matter

By Victoria L. Valentine
Courtesy of Culture Type

Photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier spent the month of May in Flint—a poor, mostly black city—documenting the effects of the contaminated water through the experiences of Shea Cobb, 32, and three generations of women in her family. Frazier’s images appear in the September issue of Elle magazine, part of a special project that features lengthy reporting by Mattie Kahn, with contributions from Anna Clark.

Frazier’s black and white photographs reveal the very specific narrative of the Cobb family, capturing everyday moments, domestic images, and shots from a family wedding, along with the wider story of how the city has failed it residents and betrayed the public trust.

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From left, Shea Cobb with her daughter Zion and mother, Ms. Renee, outside the Social Network banquet hall. | Photo courtesy Elle magazine | © LaToya Ruby Frazier, Photo courtesy Elle magazine