MLK Special Issue from The Atlantic

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s Harrowing Photography Is Like Goya Turning His Eye Toward the Struggles and Triumphs of Black America

by Jerry Saltz of Vulture

I look at Frazier’s beautiful activist art — depictions of people with the courage and strength to live life amid Trumpian statecraft and everything that made it possible and consistent with our often-airbrushed history — and I behold an aesthetic passionate enough to possibly jar the art world from its ten-year fixation on insular formalist photography-about-photography.

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Explore The Life and Works of Martin Luther King Jr.

Special Issue from The Atlantic

Fifty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., The Atlantic commemorates his life and work—and reflects on the reality of today’s America through the prism of his vision.

MacArthur fellow LaToya Ruby Frazier is one of the many contributors.

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Help LaToya’s Fundraising efforts to support artists in Flint MI

A Message in Nestle Water Bottles from Shea Cobb, Amber Hasan, Macana Roxie and LaToya Ruby Frazier at Sussex Drive and West Pierson Road, Flint MI, 2017

You can take action now by owning a LaToya Ruby Frazier special edition collectable print for $600.

All proceeds go to Flint’s Sister Tour founded and created by Shea Cobb and Amber Hasan.

The Sister Tour offers artists a creative, safe and supportive environment to grow as independent artists. Founders and creators of The Sister Tour, Amber Hasan and Shea Cobb use their personal lives and encounter with the water crisis to serve as a catalyst to help and support teens and women harness their creative strength in the midst of crisis from Flint Michigan to Puerto Rico. The Sister Tour provides the stage and platform for performance along the way building a collective of female singers, rappers, poets, musicians and comedians. Ultimately, it empowers women to build in their communities and start their own creative businesses.

*The Sister Tour will be performing live at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in Harlem, NYC Feb. 24th at 3p.m.